More Work, Less Laptop Battery Life 7

There is a myth that goes, it is better to use the laptop battery until it discharges completely before recharging it. This plan actually strains the battery and may cause damages to the cells; the recommended level of holding power is 20 to 30 percent of the full charge. Working constantly from a laptop in charging mode hardens the lithium plates and prevent charge flow. The rate of working from a laptop is directly proportional to deterioration rate of the battery. Most laptop battery that work for more than 12 hours a day don’t last more than five years, this is due to the constant charging and recharging of the Lithium plates in the Lithium-ion batteries.

One sign of an overworked laptop is overheating of the system fan. Running numerous programs in the background keeps the CPU working and drains the battery. External devices connected to the laptop such as external hard drives, CD ROMs, printers and internet dongles also draw power from the laptop’s battery and deplete the reserve power. Continuously using the laptop also consume power through the LCD screen that has to be illuminated by tiny bulbs allover the screen. Activities such as watching movies, listening to music, typing documents and photo editing keep the monitor on and lead to move power usage, a detrimental factor to the life of the battery.

While on operation mode, laptops’ hard drives are busy storing and retrieving information. The action of reading and writing data on the hard drive consume more power not to add to the fact that rotating spindle in the hard drives consumes even more power. One way to cut the power consumption due to retrieval of fragmented files in a laptop is by regularly defragmenting the hard drive to create coherent file storage for faster access. A file is normally stored on different portions of the drive and it takes time and takes time to collate the parts, having a coherent files reduces the access time and by extension power use.

Replacing a laptop battery may be a costly affair, it is therefore important to make good use of the laptop batteries, a new laptop battery retails between $50 and $60. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold charge, but this phenomenon can be accelerated by overuse of the laptop. Resource intensive jobs such as rendering videos and 3D animations should be done on desktop computer that do not have batteries. Rendering normally takes hours and will require a laptop to be connected to an AC supply longer than recommended or run on battery that leads to overuse.

Always set a notification when the battery level drops to 20 percent of the full capacity. Monitoring the battery performance is crucial in getting the best our of your laptop battery. Count yourself lucky if you are running on a windows platform, there is a functionality that alerts you when there is a problem with the battery or when you need to replace it. In the event of this notification, seize working from the laptop or reduce the workload to prevent complete further stress on the battery.