Make Laptop Batteries Out Of Ordinary AA cells 10

Though using ordinary AA batteries may not be the most cost effective way of coming up with an external battery, they do work and they can be a good alternative. The issue with AA batteries is once they are depleted, you have to replace them since they cannot be recharged. Your AA external laptop battery can be used as a supplementary power source for your laptop. Here is how to make an external laptop battery form AA batteries. The first thing to do is to collect AA batteries that will meet input power requirement of your laptop. Most laptops have an input power requirement of 15 to 19 volts. So you may need somewhere between ten to thirteen AA batteries for this project.  Assuming your computer’s input voltage requirements is 15 volts and one AA battery is 1.5 volts, you will need ten such batteries to meet this voltage requirement.

You also need to collect tools and material you will need for this project. Some of the stuff you will require includes insulator tape, cardboard, a small knife and some connecting wires. Safety glasses, gloves and an overall or a dustcoat are also important safety clothing you need to wear before you start working.

Once you are appropriately dressed and have all you need for this project, you can now get down to work. On your cardboard, you can lay down the ten AA batteries in an alternate manner. The idea is to arrange them in such a way so that positive and negative can be attached from one battery to the next using small pieces of wire.

Once you have your arrangement right, you can wrap up the cardboard and the batteries to form a rectangular shape. The next step is fusing the positive and the negative part of each batteries to form a neat series connection. Make sure that all the wires are fused correctly; you do not want to have wires that are poorly connected because if you make one wrong placement, the entire circuit will not work. Once you’re through with this, wrap up the entire piece completely and have two long connecting wires protruding from the terminals. They will act as your output terminals that you will connect to the laptop.

The protruding wires will then be soldered or screwed to a power jack. Make sure that you have the right Power Jack size for your laptop. If you are not comfortable using a soldering gun, going for a Power Jack that has screws may be a better alternative. And in those few step, you have yourself an external battery that is powered by AA batteries.

Before we wind up, safety cannot be over emphasized. Some of the tools you will be handling can cause serious accidents. If you have never handled tools such as the soldering gun, you might want to seat this one out because we don’t want you to get injured. Hope you had fun making your homemade external AA laptop battery.