Restoring a Dead Laptop Battery

You have been using your laptop for a few years and it’s probably getting old. Soon you can’t use it when it is off cord because the batteries cannot hold power long enough. What do you do? You have two options, you can buy a new laptop battery or you can bring your dead battery back to life. Today’s article takes a systematic approach on how to resurrect a dead laptop battery. The first thing to do is to collect everything you’ll need to pull this off. Am talking about connecting wires, lithium ion batteries about six of them, soldier gun, soldier wire, safety clothing and a small knife . Other equipments that you may need include a voltmeter, a pen and a piece of paper.  Generally, it is advisable to wear protective clothing like gloves when working on such a project.

Once you are set for work, force open the dead battery casing and take note where each lithium battery is located. You could draw out a diagram representing where each lithium ion battery is located just so you don’t get confused. You may even take a snap of the open batteries casing if you are not that good with drafting diagrams. After prying out the old batteries from their casing, replace them with the new lithium ion batteries. This should be easy since you’ll be referring to the snap shot or diagram so you do not make any mistake. Usually this should take you less than a minute to accomplish.

Solder a few wires with the lithium ion batteries for conduction. Remember; try to make everything as duplicate with the original battery as possible. If you have never soldered anything, you could do a little practice before you get to the real thing.  Generally, this can be hard for a novice and may take you up to an hour. Once done with the soldering, snap back the battery into its casing or tighten a few screws if this is needed. With this few steps, you have yourself a laptop battery risen from then dead. Before you put it back into you computer, you might want to test it just to be sure that everything is all right.

Generally, a voltmeter can come in handy at this point. You can use the voltmeter to test how many volts the lithium ion batteries will be releasing. A multimeter can also be used for this purpose.  You do not want to have a battery that is releasing too much or too little power to the laptop. Make sure the input voltage as per the requirement, if not, you will need to make a few corrections. The last bit is charging your new battery. Generally, it is advisable to charge the battery for at least 18 hours before using it on your laptop. Overall, it is advisable to buy a new battery if you are not comfortable handling tools like a solder gun. You do not want to risk bodily harm.

Replacing your Laptop Battery

Ever wondered why your laptop won’t hold charge any more? Well, wonder no more; probably the battery has depleted its useful life or is spoiled and needs replacement. That said, before you rush to the manufacture’s website or your nearest electronics shop, there are a few factors you have to consider. The first thing you want to do is to obtain the model number of your laptop battery. Most likely, using a battery that is not compatible with your laptop can either damage the computer permanently or the laptop may not power up. Usually this number is written on the back of the battery you intend to replace. Alternatively, you could check it at the manufacture’s website directly.

Most laptops batteries have varied capacity and life span.  Now that you are getting a new battery, you might want to check if you could get something that lasts longer or retains power for an extended period. Generally, you’ll find such information on the manufacturers website. Once you have decided the make or model of laptop battery you intend to buy, the next step is finding out how much it costs. Usually, this information can easily be accessed at the manufacturer’s website. The idea is to note down the manufacturer’s price range so you can compare it with what individual electronics shops are offering. Overall, you should expect to pay more if you settle to buy from the manufactures and less if you buy from say an independent electronics shop.

Generally, window-shopping before buying is a sound move that could get you to a good deal.  Using a piece of paper, you could write down offers from different shops and compare. Generally, if you find that the prices are almost similar to what the manufacturers are offering, a safer bet is to go for the manufacturers. Overall, manufacturers are likely to offer a better quality laptop battery. After comparing different offers, you should be able to select the best deal in your list.

The last thing you have to consider is safety. Do not set yourself up to be burned, there are swindlers out there and they will burn you if you are not careful.  If a deal is too sweet, you need to thing twice, no retailer worth their salt will sell way too lower than what the manufacturers are offering.  If you find some ridiculously low prices from a particular retail, chances are that the product is substandard. Also, try to use a payment system such as PayPal or Moneybookers where you do not have to reveal your details. Identity theft is real and it can happen to anyone who is not careful enough.

So there you have it, a novice’s guide to buying your laptop a new battery. So once again, here are the key pointers to consider. First, know your battery model; try to go for something better than what you used to have; window shop from different shops and lastly keep things safe. You do not want to loose money or have your identity stolen just because you were not careful enough.